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Below are the conditions for using the www.papapizza.am website and the delivery service. www.papapizza.am is an online platform for ordering ready-made food and pizza online in Armenia.

The head office of the www.papapizza.am company is located in RA, c. At 40 Dzorap address, Yerevan.

"PaPa Pizza" LLC is the superior company of the www.papapizza.am company, which is registered in the State Registry of Legal Entities of the Republic of Armenia under certificate No. 264.110.1310779. The last changes were made on April 12, 2023. For any questions related to www.papapizza.am, you can contact www.papapizza.am office: RA, c. Address: 40 Dzorap, Yerevan.

Viewing and editing personal data

According to the Personal Data Protection Law, every customer of www.papapizza.am has the right to see and edit the personal data collected by our organization. For this, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: to sales.papapizza@gmail.com or call +37410500000.


www.papapizza.am organization strictly observes the law of personal data protection. www.papapizza.am takes great responsibility for the storage of its customers' data. www.papapizza.am assures that no personal data will be transferred to third parties.

Terms of sale and delivery

Personal data registration process. www.papapizza.am does not sell or provide its customers' personal data to third parties. The organization does not publish the personal data of its customers for commercial purposes, except in cases where it is required by the RA Constitution, as well as the parties involved in this agreement such as banks, accounting organizations, legal services, etc.

Use of personal data for marketing purposes

By providing marketing services to its partners, www.papapizza.am may use the personal data of its customers. Based on this data, www.papapizza.am can provide brochures to its customers on behalf of itself and its partners, send them electronic or paper letters, direct messages, call or use other means of communication, in order not to receive such information, the customer must inform www. .papapizza.am about its rejection by calling +37410500000, sending an email to sales.papapizza@gmail.com or sending an email to Dzorapi 40, Yerevan, Armenia.


You can pay both in cash by transferring the money to the courier and online.
After completing the online payment, www.papapizza.am confirms the order immediately.
Online payment is subject to refund if the restaurant was unable to complete the order.
In case of problems with online payment, please contact www.papapizza.am by sending an email to sales.papapizza@gmail.com or by calling +37410500000.


www.papapizza.am bears great responsibility for the quality of the dishes and dishes posted on the website. And yet www.papapizza.am is ready to offer compensation up to the total price of the order in individual and specific situations.

www.papapizza.am is responsible for the delivery period and undertakes to make maximum efforts to carry out the delivery within the specified period.

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С помощью уведомлений о заказе можно не только получать актуальную информацию по заказу, но и иметь быстрый канал связи с магазином